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Our Media Gallery aims to provide an overview of our core business under Systems, Technologies and Service Capabilities.

Historical Photos

Pfaudler 1911
Pfaudler 1933
Pfaudler 1911
Pfaudler 1911
Pfaudler 1925


Wiped Film Evaporators
Process Test Facility in Rochester (NY)
Column Systems
Pfaudler LaboTest Facility Germany


Glass-lined reactor Pfaudler
BE Reactor Pfaudler
AE Reactor Pfaudler
CE Reactor Pfaudler
Alloy Reactor Pfaudler
Receiver Pfaudler
Glass-Lined Instrumentation Pfaudler
Cryo-Lock Technology Pfaudler
dry9000 Interseal
Units & Processes Normag
Mavazwag Agitated Nutsche filter Mavag
Mavasphere Spherical Dryer Mavag
Secure and Pure Fluoropolymers
Components and apparatus Normag


Glass inspection Services
dry9000 Services
Maintenance Services
Reglass Services
Glass installation Services