13 January 2022

Increased yield and productivity in the agrochemical industry with BE reactors & Cryo-Lock® agitators

30 September 2021

Discover the new Pfaudler plant in Waghäusel, Germany, a modern plant optimized for the customers’ needs!

07 September 2021

MAVASPHERE® Spherical Dryer 4th Generation Drying Technology

30 March 2021

Wiped Film Evaporator for the Distillation of Cardanol from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid

25 February 2021

Custom Kilo-Lab for Process Development in Pharmaceutical Industry

08 November 2020

Meet your Sustainability goals with our Acid Recovery processes!

08 November 2020

Process Equipment for a Refinery in Bangladesh

07 November 2020

Think Global – Service Local!

06 November 2020

Reactor System Lab Fast Pro Rethinking the LAB System - 1 up to 10 litres

05 November 2020

dry9000® in chemical applications

04 November 2020

Glass-lined reactors for the pharma industry: defining the next technology level!

27 November 2019

Pfaudler China’s new factory (Liyang) will be defining the standard!

26 November 2019

High-Efficiency Gas Induction Impeller

25 November 2019

Edlon® Fluoropolymer Technologies – Smart Solutions for Ultra High Purity Fluid Management

24 November 2019

New Pfaudler Laboratory Test Facility in Waghäusel, Germany

23 November 2019

Pfaudler Field Service – Discover Our Turnkey Services

22 November 2019

New Reactor Design for higher plant availability!

19 February 2019

Pfaudler’s New Manufacturing Plant in Liyang China

17 February 2019

Pfaudler’s Systems Expertise Applied to the Fragrance & Aroma Industry

16 February 2019

The Right Partner in Machined PTFE & Engineered Plastics