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Pfaudler - Glass-Lined & Alloy Systems

Glass-lined Storage Tanks

Pfaudler glass-lined storage tanks, sized up to 120 m3, are manufactured with the same care given to glass and glassing procedures in Pfaudler glass-lined reactors.

Tanks lined with Pfaudler glass are extremely safe and are also permitted in areas of water protection.

When to use glass lined storage tanks

Glass-lined storage tanks are used for storing raw materials for chemical reactions or end products after treatment in glass-lined reactors, as well as pharmaceutical and food products (fruit juices, milk, and so on..) which require containers with high standards of purity and non-contamination. Storage can be atmospheric or under pressure.

Glass-lined storage tanks are particularly suitable for:

  • Chemically aggressive, highly corrosive substances, generally dangerous such as acids, oxidizing and reducing, and so on
  • Chlorine, bromine, others
  • Metal sensitive products, in order to preserve purity, colour, flavour, and odour
  • Viscous, sticky substances that tend to adhere and form encrustations

Glass-lined containers are also used for the road and rail transport of chemical substances.

What are the possible configurations of storage vessels?

As for glass-lined reactors, there is a DIN standardization for sizes and configurations of storage vessels: DIN 28.018. Typical storage tank sizes, volumes, are nozzle arrangements are defined.
However, storage vessels are mostly customized to the specific needs of end users (volumes, nozzle arrangements, overall dimensions and support structures to optimize storing capacities in the available space).

Pfaudler’s storage tank manufacturing capabilities are as follows:

  • Volume up to 120 m3, diameter up to 4 meters
  • Atmospheric storage or pressurized to 6bar, above upon request
  • Vertical standing, supported on brackets, legs, support rings or skirts
  • Horizontal, lying on saddles
  • Nozzles on dished ends and in cylindrical parts, one or several manholes
  • Accessories on manway covers, such as protection ring, spring-assisted lifting device, sight glass and lamp
  • With or without insulation, external heating/ cooling circuit, jacketed or half pipe or heat tracing, electrically or by hot water
  • Fitted with external lugs and supports for ladders, platforms, attached equipment
  • Non-agitated or agitated, for example, to prevent settling/decanting of the stored product
  • Fitted with the same control accessories as reactors such as:
    • Temperature probes
    • Glass lined or PTFE lined dip pipes and fittings
    • Bottom valves
    • Continuous level control via radars (Pfaudler Levelpuls) or level switches (Pfaudler Safety Swing)
    • pH or rH probes (Pfaudler type pH03 or pH40)
    • Pfaudler Corrosion Detectors - for example, on bottom valve

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