End-to-end solutions for the global process industry!

18 May 2023

End-to-end solutions for the global process industry!

GMM Pfaudler’s capabilities do not simply end with our technologies.
The Product Portfolio - PFAUDLER, NORMAG, MAVAG, MIXION, MIXEL, INTERSEAL, EQUILLOY, EDLON and HYDROAIR - showcase our strength as a group, our capabilities, and our constant pursuit of innovation.

By leveraging their vast chemical processing expertise and experience, our engineers combine our technologies into complete, fully integrated, and efficiently operating process systems. These complete systems include the design of all the unit operations surrounding and supporting our core technologies, whether those be reaction, evaporation, distillation, acid recovery, absorption, filtration & drying, or membrane separation processes.

Systems are designed and optimized specifically for our client’s processes. Layouts are custom designed to maintain proper system functionality and to ensure that every piece of equipment, instrument, and component is arranged for ease of operation and maintenance.

With our end-to-end solutions-oriented approach, global footprint, and perfectly integrated systems offering, we meet complex industry demands worldwide!

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