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Hydro Air - Membrane Separation Systems

Membrane separation (Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis) is the key technology of Hydroair process, a “clean” technology not using either chemicals or heat, not generating either air pollution or noise problems, allowing removal of contaminants, water recycling and byproducts recovery.


Depending on the quality of the effluent to be treated, the first step of “Zero Discharge Water Recycling” process is bioHAR® Membrane Bioreactor system, that is a high efficiency combination of biological activated sludge and membrane processes.


The second step is NARO® system, a registered mark for an advanced membrane process that can concentrate the residual contaminants coming from bioHAR® to very high dissolved solids content, achieving excellent energy efficiency and optimal membranes performance.
The NARO® concentrate, still liquid, can be further reduced in volume through the evaporation / crystallization step, while the NARO® permeate can be directly reused or discharged according to the local regulations.

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HYDROAIR Membrane Separation Systems