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Hydro Air - Membrane Separation Systems

Membrane Process Applications

By working through lab test, pilot scale test and industrial plants, Hydroair has gained extensive experience and own know-how on several process applications. Industrial process applications include biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications, where Hydroair developed its own know-how, as well as applications in food and dairy, fine chemicals, petrochemical and chemical field. Recent success can be underlined in the field of bio-proteins, plant based proteins and in the production of bioplastics, important today in the view of sustainability and “green” processing.

Industrial Effluent Treatment

Hydroair designs and supplies complete plants “Zero Discharge Water Recycling”, an advanced process to treat effluents obtaining water suitable to reuse or to discharge according to the law restrictions. Recycling and reuse are central to a circular green economy approach and offer a strategy to improve water supply by better managing waste water, also on segregated streams more than traditional “end of pipe” treatment approach. Hydroair develops and realizes systems for Landfill Leachate Treatment, plants with an economical process, effective and reliable.

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HYDROAIR Membrane Separation Systems