Chemical & Fine Chemicals

Hydro Air - Membrane Separation Systems

Major applications in Chemical and Fine Chemical applications of Hydroair membrane systems include polymers concentration/recovery, brine purification, catalyst recovery, solvents clean-up and exchange, acids concentration/purification, glycerin purification, pesticides removal among the others. Most of the attention is today towards recovery and reuse of acids, alkali and organic solvents, to reduce environmental impact and help sustainability.

  • Chemicals purification and recovery
  • Acids and alkali purification
  • Brine, Oil / water, detergents, polymers purification/concentration
  • Amine and glycol filtration
  • Catalyst recovery
  • Solvents clean-up
  • Organic acids purification/concentration

Furthermore, Hydroair can offer access to Nanofiltration membranes suitable for use in non-aqueous applications. Typical applications for these membranes in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries are solvent exchange, catalyst recycle, organics recovery and products purifications.

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HYDROAIR Membrane Separation Systems