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Hydro Air - Membrane Separation Systems

Considering the increasing demand on products purity levels, specially in food and dairy, separation is the most powerful of separation technologies for purification processes, mainly for impurities that are difficult to separate by conventional separation methods and for products concentration.
We find separation processes in fruit juices, sugar, starch, natural extracts, food additives, wine, beer, milk/whey, edible oils, waste water treatment and water recovery.

Major application sectors:

  • Vegetable/fruit juice clarification, concentration
  • Beverage production and recovery
  • Natural extracts
  • Sugars clarification and concentration
  • Gelatin concentration
  • Food /Feed ingredients purification / concentration
  • Starch (wheat, corn, potatoes) recovery and process water reuse
  • Meat (Poultry, Rendering, Cured Meat) process water reuse

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HYDROAIR Membrane Separation Systems