Food & Beverages

Mixion - Mixing Technology

Mixion - Mixing Technology

Agitators for Food and Beverages Industry

The mixing or agitation processes in Food & Beverage (F&B) application need good mixing with a reduced time cycle. The construction of agitators for food and beverages industry is typically Hygiene Design with SS304L / SS316L as the material of construction. The hygiene design and construction ensure that the product being mixed does not stick to the agitator or any fixtures and fasteners on and inside the agitator and equipment. It is also designed so that the equipment is easily cleanable and, in some cases, sterilizable.

Multipurpose mixing systems are designed with a series of vessels that are used for reactions as well as extraction, distillation, crystallization and so on. Our equipment is designed and manufactured with high reliability and to the required standards as typically asked for in Food & Beverage industries.

Key Design Features

  • High on reliability and Hygiene design
  • Mixers with double bearing design
  • Separate SS bearing housing
  • Lantern/stool design for high rigidity and ease of maintenance
  • Motors options – Std, FLP, Ex’d’, Ex’n’, Ex’e’
  • Sealing options – Mechanical seals (single / double), stuffing box (jacketed / non-jacketed)
  • MOC options – SS304L, SS316L, Hastelloy, Titanium etc.
  • Gearboxes (inline helical /planetary / bevel helical) with food-grade oil