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Mixion - Mixing Technology

Mixion - Mixing Technology

Oil & Gas Industrial Agitators

Mixion Side Entry Agitators are the most suited oil & gas agitators as they are highly efficient in converting energy into a fluid motion. High-efficiency impeller blade designs and easy maintenance of drive and seal assembly differentiates our side entry agitators from competing products.

Side entry mixers find applications in edible oils, chemical processing, water treatment, crude oil, gasoline, and pulp and paper industries. Side entry agitators are commonly used for gentle mixing and blending applications. Capital costs are low in comparison to their top-entry counterpart, and the problem of frequent and urgent maintenance of tanks is eliminated. Side entry agitators are efficient and generally less expensive for larger diameter tanks. They are ideal for use as oil & gas mixers.

Our offerings include fixed angle and swivel angle agitators for the following duties:

Blending, maintaining Homogeneity and Heat Transfer: Fixed angle mixers are used for these duties since these are involved with ‘clean’ product. They induce a spiral-focused axial flow across the tank floor, continually gathering product from other areas of the tank. Initially, the jet stream stirs only the higher gravity product in the tank bottom, but gradually it penetrates the upper layers of the tank product if sufficient velocity is created. This generates a full top to bottom flow and breaks the interface between the various densities and helps in achieving an entirely homogeneous mix.

Crude Oil, Bottom Sludge and Water (BS&W): The mixer angle of entry can be varied through specific angles on both sides of the tank centerline with the help of a feature incorporated by Swivel Angle Mixers. They allow the entire tank floor to be swept by the impeller flow stream. Swivel Angle Mixers are the only appropriate mixers for BS&W control in large tanks as they ensure that the heavy solids, water and corrosive salts remain in suspension which otherwise would settle in areas least agitated by a Fixed Angle Mixer. Since it is critical to prevent sludge build-up around the tank outlet, using a swivel angle mixer for BS&W duties becomes extremely important.

Mechanical Features

Gear Driven Mixer: It is driven by a vertical electric motor which is flange-mounted on the bracket over the gearbox. All the bearings and gears are lubricated by oil and contained in a large gear case for maximum heat dissipation.

Belt Driven Mixer: A flat foot mounted motor is tailored above the main mixer frame on a steel mounting plate which helps in adjustment for precise belt tension. Motor mounting plate hinges and belt adjustment screws are protected from atmospheric corrosion.

Shafts: The shafts are designed to minimize deflection, misalignment and vibration, all of which affect the bearing life and mechanical seal. It is a one-piece module with no intermediate couplings and is ground between centres at the seal and bearing areas.

Mechanical seal change system: Shut Off devices permits a seal changeover/drive end maintenance without needing to empty the vessel content.