Side Entry Agitators

Mixion - Mixing Technology

Mixion - Mixing Technology


As the name suggests, Side Entry Agitators are installed laterally from the sidewalls of the tanks. These mixers find typical applications in large-sized tanks. In each tank, you could also use multiple side entry mixers based on the mixing requirements.

Material of Construction: Carbon Steel | Stainless Steel

Applications: Chemical | Edible Oil | Fermenters | O & G | FGD | WWTP

Motor Rating (kW) Shaft Diameter (mm) Operating Pressure Operating PressureShaft Length
0.75 - 15 40 - 70 Hydrostatic Upto 1m

A Side Entry Mixer finds its application in fluid displacement which is fundamental to process result of its application like off-bottom suspension to avoid sludge deposition. Installation of side entry industrial mixers is simpler compared to the conventional top entry agitators avoiding additional accessories like tank internal baffles thereby reducing the cost incurred in vessels. The capital cost of side entry mixers is low. Typical applications for side entry mixing systems are crude oil BS&W control, maintain homogeneity, blending, heat transfer.

Design and working

The impellers used in these mixers are Hydrofoil or propellers type. These mixers are generally designed with inline helical gearbox & single mechanical seal. The sealing arrangement provided has shut off device which allows mechanical seal maintenance in full tank conditions.

Our side entry mixers are robust and compact in design, offering accurately configured high-efficiency impellers which creating a distinct flow pattern to achieve desired process results. These are high energy efficiency with no cavity areas and higher reliability. The fluid flow pattern is superior and hence provides uniform blending.