High-speed Glass-lined Temperature Measurement with Inline Calibration

06 February 2018

High-speed Glass-lined Temperature Measurement with Inline Calibration

Sometimes speed is key

Quick and reliable measurement results are essential for optimal process control. The glass-lined TMC temperature probe from Pfaudler works like a conventional PT-100 and can be fused into the glass lining of baffles, Quatro-Pipes or thermo-wells. But it offers a clear advantage – it is embedded in the glass lining and is thus in “direct” contact with the medium. Compared to conventional glass-lined temperature measurements, the heat transfer coefficient is significantly lower, ensuring very low half-life times and an extremely fast temperature measurement. Changes to the process temperature are thus registered in real time and transferred to the process control center. This is particularly important for exothermic reactions to ensure a precise controlling of the process.

If calibration is needed, then simple and inline

The diffusion-tight embedding prevents any aging processes and there is no need to recalibrate TMC temperature probe. The option of inline calibration allows for a quick and easy execution during ongoing processes when the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) specify conducting regular calibration, e.g. for validated processes. This also eliminates waiting for the next plant inspection.

One for all

Pfaudler’s inline calibration option for Ex-Zone 1 includes a preparation for a mobile calibration unit (TIC) which consists of two pre-calibrated PT-100 sensors and one handheld temperature device. The PT-100 sensors are pressed onto the contact surface by a spring which ensures optimum contact even during vibrations. Thanks to the different spring lengths, the PT-100 sensors can be used on all common sizes of glass-lined baffles and Quatro-Pipes. Thus, one calibration unit can be used for all measurement points.

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