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Pfaudler - Glass-Lined & Alloy Systems

Special glass for special applications

Glass-lined equipment is suitable for processes like polymerization or fine chemical production. However, these processes have specific glass requirements.

Pfaudler P31 (Polyglass) and V132 (Glass-lined stainless steel) glass respond to these demands.

Polyglass P31

In the synthesis of polymers, crystals sticking to walls must be prevented, since processes are slowed down, or heat is then difficult to remove. Glass with an anti-adhesive surface is a possible solution.

Pfaudler Polyglass P31 is specially formulated for such applications with:

  • surface smoothness enhanced by 10 vs WWG, increasing its non- sticking property;
  • minimum glass thickness reduced by 0.2 mm-0.3 mm, compared to DIN standards, in order to increase the cooling capacity of the equipment.

The Polyglass P31 has the same excellent corrosion properties as WWG. Pfaudler Polyglass P31 reactors specifically have many references in polymerization processes, with medium corrosion resistance requirements, but high anti-sticking properties.

Stainless Steel Glass - V132

Glass-lined steel is a compound of glass and carbon steel. The outer wall of carbon steel is painted.

Some industries, like the pharmaceutical or fine chemical ones, require:

  • shiny external walls easy to clean;
  • no paint on external surfaces to prevent the risk of polluting through paint particles;
  • working at cryogenic temperatures.

Pfaudler V132 glass-lined stainless steel is a solution for the above requirements with:

  • Glass-lined stainless steel flat main covers for small, two-piece type reactors;
  • Glass-lined stainless-steel flat manway covers for bigger reactors – without or with quick opening devices;
  • Complete small two-piece type glass-lined reactors for operating temperatures down to -100°C and below.

From a thermal point-of-view, using glass lined stainless steel components and complete reactors has more limits than using glass-lined carbon steel. Nevertheless, V132 Pfaudler glass is successfully used in pharmaceutical applications.

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