Mixion - Mixing Technology

Mixion - Mixing Technology

Industrial Paint Agitators

The typical industrial paint manufacturing process involves charging of measured quantities of ingredients fed into a dissolver vessel with high-speed dispersing agitator usually a co-axial shaft assembly. Mixion coaxial agitators are the apt industrial paint agitators creating a fine dispersion of solids in the liquid. The HELI arm on the scrapper enhances the motion of non-Newtonian mill base. The vertical movement of high-speed disperser is an optional feature available too.

Once mill base is produced, further blending and thinning is done to make the final paint which is carried out in mixers or overhead mixers. Mixion top entry mixers or high-speed dispersers offer excellent mixing characteristic for guaranteed high performance and consistent quality paint grade.

Mixion with an experience of supplying more than 100+ final stage mixers/blenders will undoubtedly be your reliable partner for producing world-class paint.