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NORMAG backing flanges for glass flange couplings are available for connecting glass structural components, as well as connecting glass structural components to apparatus or pipes made of different materials.

The flange couplings and the appropriate sealing gaskets are:

  • available for both the PF and KF systems for all nominal diameter levels up to DN600 and also optionally for coated piping;
  • made with securities in accordance with the approved operating conditions, although any necessary insulation of piping should be considered;
  • in conformity with Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA-Luft) as a “high-quality coupling system”, across all levels of nominal diameters, both for the KF and PF systems;
  • combined with corrosion-proof and easy-to-assemble PTFE gaskets;
  • very reliable and low-maintenance, especially thanks to their corrosion- proof gasket design, as well as their use of compression springs;
  • allows systems to be installed which are situated in a corrosive atmosphere, provided that a suitable coupling is selected;
  • suitable for non-explosive and potentially explosive areas, in relation to requirements;
  • possible combinations of standard flange couplings and pipe frames or column support flanges in pallets that can be delivered as a special solution for GMP-conform and cleanroom standard uses.

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